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Metal Expansion Joint for FCCU



Fluoroplastic Lining & Pipe Tech







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Flexible Piping

Expansion Joints

Hose & Fitting

All assembly process is monitored by QC/QA inspector
which to derive Hose Quality as per requirement.
Every assembly of metallic flexible hoses
will be hydro statically test for best

Mechanical Seals

Established in 1984 as a Sales and Distribution Products Group Company
Selling Sealing, Flexible Joint, Fabrication and Thermal Insulation

Engineering Talks

Our Products

Fajar Benua offers a Sealing Product for a variety of applications, including Power Plant, Oil & Gas, EPC, Pulp and Paper, Mining and Cement, Fertilizer, Chemical and Petrochemical

High Performance Sealing Solutions

With the expansion of our lineup, we provide products for a large variety of applications across many fields.

JIC 2710 GS - Grease Lubricated Ramie Packing
JIC 2710 - Lubricated PTFE Impregnated Ramie Packing
Lubricated Carbon Fiber Packing
Flexible Metal Hose - Fajar Benua Indopack
PTFE Lined
Graphite-PTFE Fiber Packing
Lubricated Carbon Fiber Packing
PTFE Impregnated Carbon Fiber Packing
Graphite-PTFE Fiber and Aramid Fiber Packing
Lubricated PTFE Fiber Packing
Inconel Wire Inserted Expanded Graphite Packing
Lubricated Novoloid Fiber Packing
PTFE Impregnated Carbonized Fiber Packing
Lubricated PTFE Fiber Packing
Inconel Wire Inserted Glass Fiber Packing

Brand Products

With the combination of trusted brands , we provide a quality Products & Service at a competitive price

Corporate Profile

Fajar Benua Indopack

PT Fajar Benua Indopack was established in 1984  as a Sales and Distribution Products Group Company Selling Sealing ,Flexible Joint, Fabrication and Thermal Insulation.

Today, we have largely expanded our line of business with high technology products such as Expansion Joints, Mechanical Seals, Fluoroplastic Lining, Advanced Application Hoses ,and Exotic Metal Pressure Vessels.

In addition to that, we extremely focus on Service works such as Stress Analysis, Installation, Construction, Troubleshooting, and Emergency Breakdown Repair.

Company Affiliate

We are an engineering and business development group with a diverse portfolio of companies that span the globe.

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