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General Introduction Fluoroplastic Lining

Star Guardian Lined Pipe Systems

Lining is a method by applying some material on surface to prevent rusting and has characteristic Protective or Decorative

To meet demands from chemical processing industry such us biochemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, fertilizer and chemical industries for corrosions-resistant application. PT. Jeil Fajar Indonesia keeps developing and improving the manufacture and design capabilities.

We offer our customer the best product with high satisfaction. The PTFE Plastic we use have some unique properties, they are chemically inert having near universal corrosion resistance which we specifically use to convey the most corrosive and toxic to convey the most corrosive and toxic chemical processing in every critical industry process. PTFE has the best coefficient of friction of any solid – giving excellent  non stick properties keeping pressure drops to a  minimum and preventing blockages of viscous lines etc. it is also use in high purity applications and an alternative to exotic materials such a Hastelloy.


In most of Industry and almost every company handling highly corrosive and hazardous acids and solvents for their processing requirements the lined pipe systems fit their applications.

These are also used in Food Industries, Pharmaceutical Industry where the challenge is to maintain high level of cleanability and durability. Being highly acidic and corrosive in nature, these chemicals have a tendency to corrode and eat away the steel piping which are used as conveyors, leaving the system useless and unsafe for use.

To avoid depleting of the material and arrest the growth of corrosion inside the conveying system, a long sleeve or tube made of PTFE is inserted/molded inside the Steel pipes, bends, tees, reducers, spacers, valves and tank storage all such fittings are installed in the whole pipeline. Due to the inertness of PTFE to almost all chemicals and solvents, it acts as an effective barrier between the chemical and steel, thus not only protecting the conveying system, but also very friendly to the environment

Enveloping steel tube from inside with PTFE has proved to be economical in the long run as the structural cost for the conveying system, the losses occurring due to leakages, and the downtime for repairing and maintenance is reduced to significant extent.

The main advantages of using PTFE lined pipe systems are as follows:

  • The life of pipeline systems increases due to absence of rust formation.
  • A specialized processing of PTFE lining safeguards and enhances better working conditions as leakages does not occur and subsequent harmful gases and vapors do not evaporate to the atmosphere.
  • The cost incurred in maintenance, repairing and time lost can be minimized.
  • A wide variety of chemicals can be used through a PTFE lined system, making it more flexible and economical.

Success Key for PTFE Lining

Adhesive Selection

Type of adhesives must be properly selected for joining component. The selected adhesives should be

  • Having high bonding strength.
  • Chemically resistance
  • Low shrinkage during cure.
  • Cured at room temperature

Hot Gas Welding

Is a technique which basically consists of using a stream of hot gas to soften both filler rod and parent metal. The filler rod becomes tacky on its surface when suitably softened and the same applies to the surface of the material to be welded. The tacky surfaces bond together under pressure of shoe.

Vessel Lining and Tank Lining

Tank Lining Process

Chemical Table

Lining Fluoroplastic (PTFE, PFA, ECTFE, TFE) Pipe Lining
Storage Tank Lining
Vessel Lining
Process Tank Lining
Thermoplastic (PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE, etc) Storage Tank Lining
Proces Tank Lining


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