JIC 8305

3STAR (PTFE) Solid Gasket


3STAR PTFE Solid Gasket, JIC 8305 is made into cut gaskets. It shows very excellent in chemical resistance.


Maximum Service Temp. 150°C
Maximum Service Pressure 20kgf/cm2
Applied Fluids
Alkaline metallic organic chemical compounds, chemicals or solvents except fluorine under high temperature and high pressure, oil gas, foods and medicines to avoid fluid contamination.


Thickness (mm) 0.5 ~ 0.3
Lenght 1000 × 1000 / 1500 × 1500

Other sizes can be available, if required.

Typical Physical Properties

Test Method Description Value
JIS K 7137 Density(g/m3) 2.15
Tensile strength.MPa (kgf/m2) 23.2 (2.37)
Elogation [ % ] 310