Fajar Benua Group is a holding company that holds few companies. They are PT. Tri Graha Sealisindo, PT. Hidroflex Indonesia, and PT. Tekno Insan Mandiri

We have largely expanded our line of business with high technology products such as Expansion Joints, Mechanical Seals, Fluoroplastic Lining, Advanced Application Hoses ,and Exotic Metal Pressure Vessels. In addition to that, we extremely focus on Service works such as Stress Analysis, Installation, Construction, Troubleshooting, and Emergency Breakdown Repair. Fajar Benua Group also focuses on Business Consulting and Information System Development under PT. Tekno Insan Mandiri.

We strive in our after sales service, providing customers in technical guidance and documentation. Our teams are highly dedicated to increase and utilize excellent service through the network of 12 Branches and Project Division, located all over the nation with compassion, self-motivated, dynamic and trained sales & engineers. More than two decades of experience through intensive development and work improvement have enabled us to optimize our services.

The corporate works on the principle of continuous upgrade of quality service and products, by providing customer feedback and suggestions to the principals and implementing them within a time frame that keeps the company and our products always one step ahead in the market.
Fajar Benua Group is committed not only to become a highly responsible service provider, but also an important factor to increase your profit and the nation’s growth.