JIC 4201 Series

3STAR Flexible Graphite


3STAR Expanded Graphite Gasket shows a good adherence to flange and performs a sealing performance even under low seating stress. There is no property change under temperature variation from cryogenic to High Temperature range. It shows good corrosive and chemical resistance. Various kinds of this type of graphite gasket such as stainless steel (wire-mesh, foil and tang) inserted types can be available in accordance with some special conditions.


  • -200°C~ 450°C (Oxidizing Atmosphere Grade)
  • -200°C~ 525°C (Oxidation Resistant Grade ) 650°C (in steam service)
pH Range
Applied Fluids
High temperature & high pressure steam, hot water, gas, organic solvents, acid, alkali, LPG, LNG, Liquid N2. etc.

Typical Physical Properties

Test Method Description JIC 4201 JIC 4201 P,B,W
Carbon Content
Ash Content
Leachable Chloride Content
Sulfur Content
Min. 98%
Max. 2%
Max. 50 ppm
Max. 550 ppm
ASTM F36A Compressibility[%] 40 35
Recovery[%] 15 20
ASTM F38 Creep Relaxation[%] < 5 < 5

Design Data

JIC No. Gasket Factor (m) Min. Design Seating Stress [y] kgf/cm2 [psi]
JIC 4201
JIC 4201-P
JIC 4201-W
2 63 (900)
JIC 4201-B 2 176 (2500)