It’s more durable

Unlike other Spiral Wound Gaskets on the market, now Artius Spiral wound gaskets have a new look to offer to industries that use them. Besides being easy to identify, spiral wound gaskets are far more durable and also safe for the environment. With a predetermined color in protecting the surface of the Outer and / or Inner Rings, Artius Spiral Wound Gaskets are easy to recognize at any time and anywhere.

With coating, the performance of the spiral wound gasket will be more durable to deal with corrosion, scratches and peeling. And coating without Volatile Organic Materials makes this gasket has a low maintenance value and is environmentally friendly.


  • Protect a substrate against corrosion
  • Finely absorb electrostatic charge
  • More Durability and longevity
  • Resistant to scratching, flaking, and corrosion
  • Environmentally Friendly No volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • No special cleaners or solvents are needed to keep it clean

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